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Re: Body classification of 60-61's

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Date: October 07, 2003


Jessica, As I said, the pre '62 cars were not classified as A, B, or C bodies, however, in 1962 the (downsized) Dodge and Plymouths were the B body cars. Sales slipped and Dodge, late in the model year, wanting to offer a larger car again, took the 1961 Dodge front clip and married it to the 1962 Chrysler body and called it an 880. This was classified as a C Body car, as was the Chrysler in '62. Since the front clip was actually a 1961 unit, this would indicate that the 1961 Dodge was closer to the C Body than to the downsized B Body cars Dodge and Plymouth put out in 1962. Much of the suspension, springs, control arms, spindles, what-have-you are common between the 58 to 61 full size cars and the 1962 full size cars. The first unibody cars of 1960 were really just direct derivation of the previous years frames... big, solid, heavyduty and using the old heavy parts. In 1962, the C Body unibody frames were substantially lighter and of new design, however some of the old components for suspension were still utilized. Are we confused yet? Mike


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