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Preach On, Brother Chuck!

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson<at>
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Date: October 08, 2003


I've been criticized for "wasting" rare N.O.S. parts on my '59 "Brand C" four door hardtop. I didn't see the people who were critical run out and buy the parts before I got ahold of them. Back in 1986 or '87, a young man transferred from Edwards to Nellis AFB. He had a nice light blue '59 Plymouth two door hardtop. I don't recall if it was a Fury or Belvedere. But he came over to see my four door wagon and told me it was costing me as much to restore a six-stick four door wagon as it would to do a two door coupe or post with an eight. His statement was correct, and I could tell he thought I was foolish. He referred to restored wagons and four doors as "glorified parts cars" that were keeping more valuable models off the road. To each his own. I think I bought my two door '59 wagon (last year) more because it was a 318-stick than due to the number of doors. The squared off roof line of the Forward Look four door hardtops are very elegant and stately. The four door post sedans almost scream "police" or "taxi", two of the toughest positions Detroit iron is ever asked to fill. As pointed out in a '59 Plymouth salesman presentation, other makes' wagons and four doors betray their styling origins as two door models. The Forward Look cars, however, have the same wonderful flowing, sweeping lines regardless of the body configuration. It shows that Mr. Exner and his team really did their job well.


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