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Re: FL-era 4-dr. HT's would be sharp to fix up!

From: Shawn Cripe
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Date: October 08, 2003


Hi all! Some of you may remember my posts at the beginning of July, but I have been the proud owner of a 1957 Dodge Royal Lancer 4-door hardtop since June 30 of this year. Growing up and wanting a 50s finned car, I was always told to wait for that elusive 2-door hardtop - they were the most popular and worth the most money. Well, I just wanted to own one, I didn't really care about the monetary value or what was popular. Not to mention that I am 32 now and was getting really tired of putting off a dream for the sake of waiting for the "right" car that may or may not have ever come along. Since getting my 57 Dodge, I have been on cloud nine! She is a beautiful car and has just as much elegance and class as her 2-door contemporaries. And, realistically, there will never be enough 2-doors, convertibles, etc. for all, so I think it's great that the 4-door hardtops, sedans, and wagons are getting the attention they deserve. This way we can all be a part of the classic car world and work to preserve all that we can from the "forward look" era. These fantastic cars are getting rarer by the day and if we don't hold on to all of them we can, they will be lost for future generations. Anyhow, just my feelings and by the way, my old Dodge won a 2nd place trophy for most original car at a local car show this past month! Hope all you guys have a great day!


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