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Re: In Addition....

From: Jonnie King
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Date: October 08, 2003


Just a note to add to what's already been said about 4 Doors & Wagons. I have a '59 Suburban 4-Door as some of you may know, but don't always have the time or expertise to join in on FWL Discussions. However, I agree with what's been said about the preservation of "all-doors". And, I thought I might add these thoughts: 1. There is a pheonominal Website that all FWL Fans should check-out: This site was put together with the ultimate love of the automobile as its' goal. You'll see actual dealer brochures/factory artwork & pix of '57 Suburbans; '57/'59 DeSoto Explorers/Shoppers; Chrysler Town & Countrys'; Dodge Sierras, etc. (One of my personal "faves" is a '53 Town & Country out in the middle of the desert at Sundown.) YOU WILL LOVE THIS SITE! Also, go the the home page and check out the sedans/hartops/convertibles on the rest of the site. Point #2: Now please don't be angry at me for this because it's just a personal observation, but I believe that Exner and his crew really "did right" by the finned 2/4 door wagons. With the high/squared-off roof line, at some angles, the Wagons actually compliment and carry-off the look of those high fins almost better than the coupes. Also, I'd take the look of my '59 wagon to my friends '57 Nomad anyday!! The forward-tilt of the rear pillars and glass area is just as good if not better than its Chevy counterpart. You are all great...carlovers each and everyone and I thank you for the chance to let me add my comments. Jonnie King


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