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I don't buy it... but maybe someone did.

From: Nathan Manning
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Date: October 09, 2003


I'm guessing your post is simply inflamatory... Being that you just admitted to selling TWO ForwardLook cars (one of which was apparently in wonderful shape) for such a small sum. If, in fact, you were TRYING actively to sell the cars... Then why didn't you post your treasures here... in a forum of people that would quickly pay the 800 smackers for ONE of the cars you mentioned? Sorry, but I'm afraid I have to call shenanigans here. Otherwise you would've posted your name. I believe I speak for the group when I issue the following statement: "Next time you have such a grand old Finned MoPar for sale, let US know... If it's at that kind of price, we'll gladly take it off your hands." Thanks.


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