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why does everyone call their car "RESTORED"

From: ral
Email: dontwant hate email,just curious
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Date: October 09, 2003


O.K. Im a little confused about some of the post on this site in regards to rebuilding a old car and restoring one...How can anyone consider a car RESTORED if it has a different color,non -original engine upgrades or home-made seat covers? wouldn't it be more of a rebuild? What happens 10-20 years down the road with all of the home brewed "restorations" ? Will they be able to be undone for a correct restoration? I was always under the idea that a car that came from the factory no mater how weird or ugly should be RETURNED to its original specs even if its a nasty pink 6 cyl with green interior... I wouldn't consider my 1860 Victorian home restored if I put vinyl siding over the brick exterior just because I could do it myself ..Not trying to get anyone fired up but it just seems everyone does a little work on a car and then it is restored...


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