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Re: I don't buy it... but maybe someone did.

From: alumcan
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Date: October 09, 2003


Nate, I know where old 'Num Nuts' is comming from. I spent two years trying to sell a NICE (under primer) '70 440 (NM#s) Fury Convertible, several years ago. Wound up selling it with a running parts car for what I had in just the motor! I advertised in every freebie publication I could find. Maybe he just advertised in his local area???? wherever? As you (Nathan) mentioned now and in past posts, because with the populairty of the '57,8 Plymouths now, and parts are getting fewer on a daily basis, Hells Bells, if he didn't live too far away, I'd bought the parts car if it was advertised on this site and wasn't a POS !


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