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Re: why does everyone call their car "RESTORED"

From: Dave Bingaman
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Date: October 09, 2003


Well-My Websters College Dictionary gives the following definitions of RESTORE- 1)to bring back into existence, use, or the like, 2)to bring back to a former, more desireable condition, 3)to bring back to a state of health, soundness, or vigor, and other definitions that don't pertain to tangible items. Given these particular definitions, they seem to describe pretty well what we try to do to our 'old iron'. I don't interpret this as being required to return an item to the exact condition it was when it left the dealer, but rather to a usable state. In todays traffic, I would sure rather have updated equipment (especially brakes) in order to attemp to equalize my standing with the other cars on the road. Now if we are talking rare paintings, your interpretation of 'restore' would be more fitting. My interpretation is to 'restore' the maze of metal back to my dream. And, I would much rather spend time 'restoring' than discussing semantics.


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