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Re: why does everyone call their car "RESTORED"

From: ral
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Date: October 09, 2003


Well, I wasn't looking for a fight,just trying to figure out where the line is between restore and rebuild...I understand that most people do what they can to repair their own cars to their own standards,but when you swap colors/engines/interiors ,change a few nuts,bolt and screw to fit what ever is in the coffee can in the garage ,just because its easier than finding the correct just doesn't seem like its a restoration...I guess I am a little bitter over the word RESTORATION,since I just came back from a 2800 mile road trip to buy a restored auto and find out the guy and his son did all the work on their own..The car may have been beautiful in their eyes ,but it would have had to be completely stripped down to the frame to get it back right and then every nut and would have to be checked over and replaced with the correct hardware,body stripped /straightened/repainted and the all of the pop rivets that held the trim on instead of finding the correct hidden fastners!!!... But this was a "restored" auto and even in all the pics that they sent it looked good. just wish I hadn't got closer than 25 feet to it.. It would have been different if I was trying to buy a bargain.but this car was priced way above a driver .. and the drive home with an empty trailer made me wonder when the word RESTORE should be used for a car...and when it should be considered repaired/refubished


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