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Re: why does everyone call their car "RESTORED"

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: October 09, 2003


Restoring a car back to original is great if you are a purist or if you have the time and patience to undergo (not to mention money) this task. Im usually picky about some things on cars especially super radical customization, ect. Those types of things really aren't my bag. HOWEVER, I would rather see these super radical cars driving around rather than see them rotting away in a junkyard. I dont think its about someone taking the easy way out in "restoring" a car. I think its about making the car THEIRS. More or less, im not thinking about selling my car after im done restoring it. Is it going to be 100% factory original? Nope. But it is going to be restored or brought back to the way that I would have built this car in 1957. Also a lot of those who customize dont plan on trying to be original. They are trying to market a neat old car to someone who thinks it looks nice. Either you dig or you dont. If you plan on making a factory correct restoration, try to find a barn-fresh, low mileage, unrestored car. Just my opinion.... ~Jessica Hendricks


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