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Didja ever re-meet an old flame?

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: October 10, 2003


Like everyone else in the world, I have been seeking (coveting, yearning, fantasizing about--but I digress) a 1957 Dodge convertible. well, a couple years ago, I had the opportunity (technically) to buy a 57 Coro REAL D500 red/white conv, that was "restored" by 'private' persons. Their "Resto" was my "cobbling-together", with a pseudo/combo CRL (hardtop)/Coro conv in the wrong color (red; instead of gold/black), witha RED dash (big-bux to re-do!), a top that 'barely' worked, and manual windows (albeit 'correct') that didn't mate to the top. The engine/trans were reportedly "rebuilt", but I could't test drive it, due to its being stored inside a building, behind another car. With all the 'visible' anomalies I couldn't bring myself to spend $25K, & then face the prospect of spending another $25K to RESTORE (the theme of this thread, remember?) the "restorer's" "restoration". That car (rust-free CA car, btw) now resides in Sweden, where its sight-unseen buyer (whom I coincidentally met thru this Board!) told me that he had to re-re-build the engine, & I have been informing him of how/what a proper Coro interior should look-like (complete with RUBBER floor mats--NO carpets on Coros OR Royals, fellows; only on CRL's & C/Sierra's). Personally, I dont mind "mechanical" "improvements", but give ME That Old Time Relig--I mean, that Old Time (CORRECTAMUNDO) Appearance--Paint & interior!! Neil Vedder


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