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Born to LOSE

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: October 10, 2003


Yeahbutt---4-dr H.T.'s were structurally weaker than 2-dr H.T.'s, rattled-more, had 2 MORE doors to go out of alignment, & beaucoup more 'openings' to acquire wind/water leaks & rust--right-into the rockers & quarter panels--SOOO, when they started to "go", yeah, "nobody" was interested (& to-date MANY people STILL ' aren't') in spending the time/ money in "restoring" these models, Without a doubt, I've seen more stationwagons, in various stages of 'restoration', than I've seen 4-dr H.T.'s, for 57 -60 MoPars. Neil Vedder


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