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Re: i just got to be different /my story,,,,

From: alumcan
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Date: October 10, 2003


There is a guy here that has an award winning '57 Corvette. He was one of the 'Gold' (?) winners at 'Vetts at Carlisle couple years ago. (any long distance shows, the car is trailered. The entire underneath is just as nice or nicer as the top side) The guy spent more than the car is worth getting it in the condition it is now. Short cuts, a whole bunch! Since he couldn't find a set of period date stamped wheels. Seems like you can used a set of 15" wheels from a certain (I don't know) Chevy car (very plentyful) and buy a set of stamps to re stamp the wheels. The motor is a 350, highly disguised as a 283. (this SBC 'expert' locally, could not tell the motor had been restamped/disguised) Again there are vendors at V's at Carlisle that sell motor stamps. Seems like you can use late modle Chevy/Corvette parts and 'make''em look period? Then be able to fool the pickey judges. Anyway, this guy, good friend, used to be a drinking buddy, spent close to ten years 'building' ('MY' TERMONLOGY) this Vette. Anywa. ALL that look/ask/complement his car, He tells, that the car is TOTALY orginal! After listening to him, I feel that he beleives totaly in his heart that his car IS orginal. I was standing whith him at a show, (My Belvy 'Vert was beside him) bull shitting, these people came up and asked if he 'restored' the car. "No, it's all orginal" Then with total sincerity in his eyes, back into our converation, after the people had left, where he tells me he sent the guages out someplace in California, to get re-done. Cost a fortune, and then how he and another guy I know, had to graft a '59 rear clip on to the body. The guy I bought my Belvy from, would bolt on a late modle shock/Blue Streak dist cap/Etc, and feel he 'restored'that part. In the Canadian MoPar magazine, the car was featured, and stated, ",,,,spent a three year 'restoration',,,," There was NO correct nut and bolt 'restoration' done to this car in the long run! If this car was a 100 pointer, I wouldn't want it, for fear of going someplace and making it a 90 pointer! What kind of enjoyment can one have if a constant worry,,,,? NOPE, I'm changing motors/trans/brakes/ looking at a Vette PS slave cly for the power sterering. If down the road and I want a new 'toy' and the 350 stays in the car, I'm telling, 'I BUILT' the car! 'I'used 'this' part or 'that' kind of part to achieve the period look. NEVER do I restore anything. When looking at someone elses vehicle and they tell me that they 'restored' the whole thing, and one can plainly see that the entire whatever compartment hasn't been touched since the vehicle left the assembly line, the word 'restore' goes through one ear and right out the other. Granted, I feel 'that' word should be limited to Pebble Beach, or that higher caliber of showes/auctions. I'm gonna say that 99% of the people (male/female) on this site COULD NOT afford pay to have their vehicles TOTALY 100 point 'restored'! If they could , they wouldn't be bull shitting here, they would be out 'hobnobling' with the Macguires/Lenos and such. So the word I'm using is 'BUILD'!


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