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From: Bill K.
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Date: October 10, 2003


Jeeze, whats a good used one worth... is it potmetal or stainless??? As for eBay, if you bid early some idiot comes along all excited and bids until they outbid you just for the sake of it. Then not only are you out, the seller thinks his widget is always going to be worth 5 times what it really is. If you really want it and want it reasonable, best bet is to watch it and bid very late - the later the better, thus the remote bidding services eBay doesn't like you to advertise. I kind of like the idea of being able to bid on an item without having to be tied to the computer at 3 AM on Saturday morning when someone couldn't sleep and felt like listing an auction (or did it then b/c they couldn't get ebay links to work any other time of day, like I usually can't). Sometimes you can hit a low volume item and not need it, but even then I've had similar items and gotten just my bid on it the last time I got one, and this most recent time had 2 others fight with me and bid it up to more than it costs new in a store.


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