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Re: Restored, or not restored???

From: ral
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Date: October 12, 2003


Billy-Jack....well put ....I have finally calmed down after my road trip and have come to the conclusion that I do set my car standards WAY to high,I expect a fully restored car to be just that FULLY RESTORED...Thats why I usaully purchase original /untouched cars and then restore them to origianal,yes even if I am not fond of the color or interior it goes back the way it was mfg....I guess I have seen to many great cars ruined by some not qualified weekend warriors and I am on a mission to restore it back EXACTLY the way it came,so 25 years from now at least there will be a correct example of what the car was,even if its the nastiest combination around..why do I do it...wife says Im nuts..I feel I do it because it more of a challange to do it the original way than what is the easiest quickest way ...Do I enjoy driving RESTORED cars..on short runs yes..trips ...not really.. I drive an unrestored original 56 Imperial more than any other cars,since I have less to lose in case of some type of mishap,But I enjoy my other 56 IMP more because of its as delivered look. Yes I could have save $1000.00 by doing my own wiring instead of having a correct loom made,yes I could have saved $3K by making my own interior,but the money is not as important to me as saving history as it was and not trying to change it to my taste...


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