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Re: 1960 Chryslers and rust

From: Jeffc
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Date: October 13, 2003


In dealing with rust in the cars I have, the main things to look at are the tunnel, under the door on the inside and outside rockers and any place were bends were are under front and rear seats. The floor pan bottems are not that big a deal to replace if the rest is ok, they can even have holes of good size and still be ok, same with the trunk well, and even a POR15 kit floor will do a good job if your not building a concourse car. The other places too look at, are were the front and rear frame rails attach to the rest of the unbody, if they are rotten, or the area they attach is rotten, forget it unless it's a car they make frame rails for it may not be worth the effort to fix. Because of the way that Chysler built these unibody cars I have seen cars that would make Fred Flintstone proud still sound and rebuilt because the rest of the floor is still ok and it was only the floor were you would put your feet that was gone...... It all depends, cars with rusted floors on the inside are common here in the NW, water gets inside and sits under the carpet and/or mats and that is were you find the worst rust. I can't speak for other parts of the country.......... but if the door posts are rotten you can bet that the problems will be a lot deeper than just a rusted floor.


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