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From: Joe Mac
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Date: October 13, 2003


Ral, I admire your dedication and discipline. Just as a car can only be original once, a car can only be restored to original one way. I guess that's why cars that qualify as either always get the highest marks. I remember seeing the term "restified" coined a few years back in the old car mags. I don't know what the exact definition is, but from context it seemed to describe a vehicle that was slightly modified from original during its restoration. This would not include chopping, louvering, or other radical work that would push the car into a "modified" class. I believe restified is where many of the cars restored/owned by individuals such as mine fit in. My car will look original to the untrained eye, but has a number of subtle changes (mechanical) that I wanted. I can't help trying to get a little more power, handling and braking out of the old girl. Not only don't I try to misrepresent these modifications, I point them out because I'm proud of how well integrated they are. I've also kept all the original peices and photos in case a future owner would want to put it back to factory issue. As far as amateur vs. professional, I know some amateurs that have and continue to produce stunning, correct restorations and I've seen professional work with questionable quality and authenticity. I don't believe anyone's description anymore. I judge for myself, that's the only way. Good luck on your search, I hope your next find is as barn-fresh or original as you hope it is.


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