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in response to "Getting Taken" mark allen.

From: brandon
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Date: October 13, 2003


in my own defense, i have written mark and explained to him why he didnt hear back from me. i was in hawaii. anyway, i have worked with UPS day in adn day out for almost 3 years and i regularly see them make mistakes. it wasnt twice they returned his box to me, IT WAS 3 TIMES!!! since he got my email address wrong in his post, i could have dodged the bullet, but i AM an honest man and i have NOTHING to hide. i have payed to ship those stupid parts 4 times. the last time i assumed he got them they FINALLY didnt come back to my door AGAIN! and now that i am back from my trip, will be talking with him to see if he has or has not gotten them by now, and what i need to do. i deal on here on a regular basis and have rarely had any problems. this has just been a bad deal all the eway around, i have been a member of this board for like 2 years now, and dont want any ill feelings between any members here, or adversity in any future transactions. i am an upstanding moral christian man, and i dont appreciate being called a thief. some people dont care, but that's my name out there! I OFFERED him a refund last timei shipped the parts......he didnt mention that! think what you will, but please...make sure you have all the facts before you judge me. brandon


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