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Rusty 1960 Chrysler wagons

From: Dave L.
Email: davel at
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Date: October 13, 2003


Got to chime in here about my '60 Windsor wagon. Im not the expert that my neighbor, Jeff, up there in the convergence zone is (Jeff, don't tell Ray yet that I have this wagon) , or psycho up in BC, but to compare notes, my Windsor wagon came out of the Midwest, and because the driver's window was missing (and I'm sure other leaks), my floorspans are Flintstone. Haven't decided yet if it's POR15-able, but I know there are many full-size models up to '64(?) that are the same floor stamping, and I have yet to check out the quality of floorpans. Anyway, despite my floorpans being gone, my subframe seems super-solid as do the rockers, so I think it's a lot better than it looks, although a treaked front door on mine has me concerned. Always good to hear of another possible '60 Wagon owner. If it looks just too hopeless, I know of another one that seems in better shape , but too far away and too much for me.


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