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Re: Rusty 1960 Chrysler wagons

From: Bill K.
Email: tongue_tied59<at>
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Date: October 13, 2003


Based on what I'm hearing all around, as long as the rocker panel area has most or all the "meat" left the rest isn't bad. When I said the pans have holes? The one I remember is a decent hole but you'd have trouble sticking your foot through it. The car has all it's glass in except the vents. It sits in the dirt, but the guy kept the area around this one mowed pretty good - it's right on the lane through the cars. It still has taillight lenses, dash, all the glass, most of the trim, etc. The interior in it is not great, but the rear seat might clean up and the front seat has some chunks ouf of the lower cushion but is surprisingly intact. Could be it's not original - they're solid black vinyl which seems odd with the green exterior. Seems to just have had the wheels taken and the engine and trans taken. Some other cars here are sunk in deep; this one sits flat on the ground. When I get a look under it I'll come back and post a report for everyone - Thanks Bill K.


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