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Re: Restored, or not restored???

From: narleycharlie
Email: Somewhere in Moparville
Remote Name:
Date: October 13, 2003


I'm with you Kenny,my 59 ply.was a srap canidate by most people standards,but it was a driver.Cut the rust out,made patch panels,filler and paint and BAM,I have a second looker.A car I can even park up close at the supermarket.It's an onging labor of love,it's addictive.This is one of two cars I own that are one of's in town,which makes it even more fun.I've heard that word restored thrown around too too much.People with something as common as an 80,s camero, who's done parts replacement such as starter, shocks, alt,partshouse seatcovers and maybe even a paint job,they're talkin out the side of their neck"cause they just restored their car".You got to appreciate this group of people cause this might be the furthest they got on a project.We also need to give them a Websters.Again I hope I did't p*** anyone off. Charlie


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