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Generator vs. Alternator

From: Jason Davis
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Date: October 14, 2003


Sounds to me like your voltage regulator either went 'crazy' or got bypassed somehow ... Do you have one mounted on the car? Alternators and generators have pros and cons, but through my limited experience, I have found that staying with the generator is your best bet unless you plan on running a lot of accessories that the car/generator wasn't designed for. Even then, you could get a bigger generator (the A/C cars came with bigger generators). Funny thing is, people seem to think that alternators are more dependable, but typicaly the only thing that goes out on a generator are the brushes and they are very easy to replace. A generator can go decades without a major problem ... An alternator on the other hand can go out at any given time. I've replaced more of them on my newer cars than generators on these old 50's cars :) Also - a generator can charge a dead battery - an alternator can't.


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