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Christine Clone Issues

From: Aldo
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Date: October 14, 2003


I was reading some negative comments made earlier about people who have red and white "Christine" clones. I'm 21, so I was about 1 when the movie came out. I didn't see it until many years later, and yes, that was the first time I saw a 1958 Plymouth, and yes, I really liked the way it looked in Red and White. So am I wrong that I saved a car from the crusher and painted it red and white (a color scheme originally offered) instead of its original black? I wouldn't say it's a doesn't have the chromed engine pieces as seen in the car that was destroyed by kids in the movie and it has the correct "Belvedere" scripts flanking the rear fenders that the movie cars didn't have. My car is a fully restored beauty that shouldn't be demerrited because of its paint scheme. It wasn't restored to be a clone, but it owes its existence to the movie. Had the movie not been made, I may have overlooked the Plymouth and gotten, gasp, a '57 Chevy! And this particular car would have been turned into a toaster a long time ago.


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