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Bellhousing swap?

From: Herman
Remote Name:
Date: October 14, 2003


I have a 400 block and supposedly a 413 crank (cast # 2206160). While toying with the idea of turning the mains down to fit the 400 block to get 451 ci, it occurs to me that the 400 block has a different bolt pattern than a '57 Desoto or Chrysler hemi - doesn't it? If I wanted to use the original 57 Torqueflite pushbutton tranny, am I correct in assuming I'd have to find a 350, 361, 413 bellhousing to mate to the tranny? I can't remember when Chrysler started casting the bellhousing and the tranny case in one piece; '62? '65?. Anything else to take into consideration? Also, if anyone has a casting number listing, is the number on the crank I have in fact a 413? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Herman


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