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From: Tim
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Date: October 14, 2003


Well I'm probably as guilty as many as to saying I have restored my car when really its just rebuilt. Now it seems everyone is getting a little hot under the collar specially when its regarding the cost of money / value of the vehicles is involved. I'm only new at this car /rebuild thing and only used the word restored probably a little to easliy , without thinking of any conseqences of my wording and can see the actual meaning of the word after reading all the posts. I have done generally all of the work on my car and will not hold back from telling any future buyer that fact. I'm not bragging about the quality just let them know the facts. ( I will slap myself if I ever do think about selling it ) I could not afford to own my plymouth if I had to pay specialised people to do the work simple as that! I will in future make sure I say my car on going rebuild / refurbishment as it will never be finished in my eyes. I hope that other members can understand this point of view.


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