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Re: Restified?

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: October 15, 2003


Boy, Joe Mac (not that anybody will 'read' this missive, so-far down, in the listing) but you wrote about your car, zactly what I , & many others, have done to their cars. My car's mods are ALMOST invisible to the uneducated-eye, but that, in itself, is part of the FUN of mechanical "restification"; also, when a car is "new", ANYTHING-GOES, Re: modifications; it's only when the car(s) become old/rare, that "originality" becomes such an 'issue', and, the real/original cars are the ones that are pulled outa 'barns'!!! BUT, I REALLY like to see correct/origianl colors & interior trim--SICK of "redness", but, hey, it's YOUR car, buddy! Neil Vedder


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