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Re: Take a Springin LEAF...

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: October 15, 2003


Tim, I gots the ANSWER (not that the "others" weren't "sage"), but this is what I DID : as my 57 Dodge has 4 1/2 leaf-springs, I located a 62 Chrysler stationwagon (or ANY 57-6xx car) which has 5+ full leaf springs, and KEPT my car's upper, full-length leaf (for proper spring-shackle/length purposes) , but REPLACED the other 4 leafs with the stationwagon leafs--so Horace now has 5-full leaf springs, but his rear end is TIGHT-btw, the "more" spring-clamps you use, the stiffer the springs will be. I ONLY use the one 'standard' spring clamp, with my rear end, AND I stripped and re-painted (dull-aluminum; NOT 'black') the leafs, before re-assembling & installing them, @ a mechanical-shop. I also installed H.D. torsion bars (from a Coro/Royal) and gas-shocks (ft & rr). But, scoring a set of s/wagon springs is NOT difficult, or expensive, or time-consuming, to do!! Keep it stiff! Neil Vedder


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