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From: Herman
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Date: October 15, 2003


I have a 57 Desoto 2 dr that I rescued from the crusher. The guy I bought it from only wanted the hemi engine for his hot rod, but bought a '32 F**d he couldn't afford and needed money quick. The car is about be stripped to the last nut and bolt, copious amounts of rust repaired and put back together better than the factory did originally. The body and trim will be absolutely stock, including factory colors although different than this car came with. Upgrades will include disc brakes, seat belts, later model Chrysler bucket seats and maybe a 354 Chrysler hemi or 451stroker. Reliability and safety being the main consideration for the upgrades. The bucket seats (with adjustable lumbar support) is a concession to a lower back injury. I plan for this car to be driven anywhere I want to go and will make the Hot Rod Power Tour asap. Now, my question is, other than some with too much time on their hands, does anyone really care what I do with the car as long as it's not being crushed? By the time I get through with this car, I will have invested more money than the car will be worth, to say nothing of the time spent chasing parts, repairing rust and putting it back together. When it comes to cars, I don't trust anyone else - especially their bodywork. That's why I didn't buy a car already "restored". On another note, I understand the purists point of view about changes and upgrades, however, I see it as being very narrow. Understand that isn't a critisism, but an observation. Reproduction manufacturers rely on volume to cover the high cost of tooling and the purists group isn't large enough to support them alone. Nos parts, used parts and rusty cars once considered junk or obsolete now have a market because of the increasing numbers of enthusists. My car is intended to be driven, not housed or trailered. It is what I want, what I sweat blood for and what I intend to enjoy to the fullest. Is it a custo, resto, rebuilder, driver? - who knows? In any case, that judgement will lie in the eye of the beholder. I'll be having too much fun to bother with entering car shows anyway!!


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