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Re: Christine Clone Issues

From: Jason Davis
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Date: October 15, 2003


I am also a "young" guy at 28 and found the very same Christine nostalgia later in life ... I saw the movie when I was 9 or 10 (when it came out on HBO) and thought that car was just flat the bomb! I grew up around Street Rods and vintage cars and have owned over 30 cars since age 20. Funny thing is, I've never pursued the Christine style Plymouth until now. I now have a '57 ... Since owning one and being involved in the crowd, it has opened up my car taste to other Forward Look cars of other colors (other than red + white) makes and body styles. That said, if it wasn't for Christine, I really don't think I would own one. Also - one other point of interest ... As guys my age that watched the movie as kids begin to get older and have $$. These '57-'58 Plymouths should really skyrocket in value! Everyone reaches back to their past and movies can be a big part of it (American Graffiti, Rebel Without A Cause, etc.).


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