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Re: FOUR DOOR BEAUTY = Bad investment?

From: Jason Davis
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Date: October 15, 2003


I have had a lot of experience with cars which includes an occasional 4 door. I now have a '57 Chevy Belair 4 Sedan that I drive everyday to work ... I also own a '57 Plymouth 2 Door HT and just recently sold a nice 4 Door HT of the same. I've owned many different 4 doors over the past 10 years or so and some of them I have restored to show quality and others I have used as daily drivers to and from work. In my opinion, these cars look just as good as the 2 doors in most cases ... I have to admit that I really prefer the sporty look of the 2 door (roofline mainly), but I still like the 4 doors almost just as much. That said, what are we talking about here? Love or money? Love is love and love is priceless - right? If you love your 4 door, by all means restore it until your heart is content and spend $30K or so to really make it nice! Just don't EVER plan on getting most of that back ... 4 doors are pretty cars, but let's be realistic, they are very bad investments when it comes to getting a return out of your car later down the road. Keep your investment at a minimum when at all possible. Even better - find one that is already done! You can find a 4 door that someone has big bucks in, and probably pick it up for $15K ... Then drive it, show it, and be happy :) Keep your head up 4 door owners! The values will go up over the restoration cost sooner or later and then the value will be there. Supply and demand... There are only so many of these cars around.


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