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From: Deaner
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Date: October 15, 2003


I was not going to get into this but I gotta do it. Those of you who know me know that in my family circle we do world class restoration and some times the price has to reflect that. I also am in the retail end of the car world. I have also chased fins for over 40 years. A bad investment in reality is the new car we all buy for 18 to 45 k that dumps in value 20 to 40% in 5 minutes. And do they really look unique and different. So who should really give a rip if you put a bunch of $$$ in an old car. Would you rather put $15000.00 in an escort, neon or an old car? Which one is more fun and giver more of an emotional rush? If you want the 100% trailer queen it can be done but for the most of us mortals it is more fun to be able to drive it it the show or church or the old car show. And let us not forget the pride of I done the work. What real pride is there in the S.U.V? Set on a street corner and watch. You will be wasted by the passage of modern iron. How long since you spotted one of the 50s chrome laden rolling art forms? I own a Fin, a G.T.O and a Taurus. Which one do you think is my least favorite one?


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