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Its just a word

From: Lou
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Date: October 17, 2003


...and when people think of fixing up old cars, they automatically apply the word "restored." Just like they use the word "remodel" or "rehab" for houses. A lot of owners of finely restored automobiles get all up in arms about other people haphazardly throwing around that "restore" word, as if they are intentionally exxagerating the quality of their fix-up. Its just syntax/semantics. This is the household word that will probably always be used. I get a chuckle out of those who insist on imposing the word "restified" on all of us who don't have 100 point cars. Why not just say that there are different levels of restoration and just let it go at that? :-) Cheers to all, Lou - 1959 Dodge - 17 and a half point restoration.


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