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Stay of Execution....question for Chuck Lowe

From: narleycharlie
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Date: October 18, 2003


Hey Chuck,Iwas wondering how your intake swap turned out.I just scooped up on a used Wieand and was getting ready to get ready,if you know what I mean.Did you use any special gaskets?I was told that it would require a heavier/thicker gasket.Also aguy I met told me to stsy with a 500cfm carb or less because of the small displacement(poly318).He tried a650cfm Holly and he had to keep jetting it down.It kept running rich.I've got a stock 4.3 chevy 4bbl carb I'll try simply cause that is what I have laying around.What carb have you used?How is the performance.Thanks for any help you can offer.I want to commend this site and all of it's members for the exchange of information that we can all learn from one another.P.S.I learn the hard way,always.Watch where you park that 2spd/noparking brake monster of a car.Mine rolled about 2.5 feet into my buddies fully restored 63Merc Comet.Damaged his rear bumper and his antique plate.It will be about 700.00.Yes he was very upset to put it mildly.It happened last week and he o.k. now.Luckily we are good friends.And he knows I'm not going to jerk him around on the repair.It's fun to drive them old cars but it's hard to think of what could happen.So learn from me,always keep that 2x4 close at hand...Charlie


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