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Sedans, Wagons and Coupes, oh my!

From: Mark
Email: Mine is a 58
Remote Name:
Date: October 19, 2003


I see a lot of posts regarding 4 doors vs. 2 doors. I have a 57 windsor 2 door hdtp that is a beauty, but it rattles to beat the band. Yeah, I need to replace some seals and so forth, but they rattled when they were new. I bought a 58 Custom Suburban several months ago from Mark Hash on the list. Even before I took it all apart to start restoring it, it felt as solid as Grant's tomb. No door shake, no loose windows, etc. Wagons are cool, in low supply and very useful. When "the Blue Marauder" is done it'll still have the flathead six and PowerFlite - manual steering and brakes. No radio, no arm rests and one visor. Four doors need love too, and so do wagons. After all, most families opted for the sedans for ease of entry and cost. 2 doors are beautiful, but sedans have nice lines too. They all should be saved. After all, "they don't make 'em like that anymore" I know it takes as much to do a 2 door as it does a four door, but a 4 door or wagon is more cost effective for those of us who can't afford a convertible, or a Fury, an Adventurer, 300 or D-500 car. They still have big fins, lots of flash and chrome. My 2 cents. Mark


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