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Multi-purpose tool

From: narleycharlie
Remote Name:
Date: October 19, 2003


You are correct in the manner in which you discribe but not limited to such.Other options would include hood prop,cruise control,lock-out tool(only second to a brick),a key chain for those hard to find keys and let us not forget toothpick material....Buy yes me and my bud are ok.I met him and another friend at a cruise nite and asked them to save me a spot,you ought to see the spot they saved.In between their 2 cars,wide enough for a Mack truck and on flat ground.No multi-purpose tool required on that trip.But we can laugh about it,that is a very good thing....God gets the Glory..cause it could have destroyed our friendship.Ya'll be cool.P.S.I hope I didn't violate anyones constitutional rite's by mentioning GOD...Charlie


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