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Hollywood and their movie cars

From: narlycharlie
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Date: October 19, 2003


Checking out some of the past threads of the Christine subject,I would like to add that the movie did spark my interest when all I could think of was a 57 chevy(Ididn't mean to curse,sorry).But when a car is destroyed in a movie it's usually because it is a main subject of the movie,Smokey and the Bandit,Dukes of Hazard,Gone in 60 Seconds,McQue,Bullet,the list can go on.For the older crowd it was the gangster movies that inspired the love for the outragously priced fat fendered cars.Not all needed a movie to like a particular car,could have been an old memory.But a movie did it for me and plenty others on this site I'm sure.Popularity has it's price,in the movies it's the destruction of an in demand or will be in demand car,or on the flip side, it's the appriciation of a super duper cool car that anyone rarely gets to see anymore.I go to a different cruise nite 4 times a month within a hundred mile radius and have not seen another 59 like mine or a 58.There is one 57 that I see once in a while called the Red Ram,very cool Dodge.But it is cool being different,not being mainstream.My car has a nostalgic stock car look.I don't even watch Nascar on t.v.,sorry it ain't what it used to be,but I wanted to pay homage to a legend before he died,not after.Hats off to Richard Petty for his contribution to the car scene.Everyone has their taste in looks,and I can say that I get some very positive feedback on my approach to being different.Thats what it is all about for me.But yes it was a movie that turned me on to these cool cars.Thats my story and I,m stickin to it.L8r Charlie


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