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For adored Beauty

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: October 20, 2003


for my money, or interest, I "want" to see correct (or, @ least: 'correct-LOOKING') upholstery, in any car (not just 4-doors). "Correct-looking" cloth, & vinyl (& NOT that 70's "bean-bag"-looking stuff!) just 'shows' that the restorer cared enough to locate the right-materials, etc, instead of "appearing-to" be only interested in seeing how quickly, and cheaply, he can 'finish' the job. I KNOW that crushed-velour is not cheap, any more, and choosing between textures and patterns can take TIME, not to mention the decisions necessary to select a proper "tuck-n-roll" combo, but, for ME; gimme that: 'ol time interior"!, (& correct exterior colors) if you wanna impress me; REGARDLESS of the body style. Neil Vedder


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