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Re: "58 Plymouth Lower Ball Joints

From: Herman
Remote Name:
Date: October 20, 2003


Hi Rob, Retighten the ball joint with your socket, put the nut back on, but leave it with a gap between the nut and the steering knuckle. Put a jack stand under the lower control arn, jack the car down till the lower control arm almost touchs the jack stand. Turn the wheel all the way to expose the steering knuckle. Give the steering knuckle a sharp rap with a 3 or 5lb shop hammer where the ball joint stud goes thru. It usually takes 2 or 3 sharp raps and the stub will seperate from the knuckle. Once it does, jack the car down till the lower control arm is solid against the jack stand - there will be a gap between the nut and the knuckle. Remove the nut, slowly jack the car up to clear the stud. Unscrew the ball joint - oil threads on new ball joint, reverse procedure. A word of caution - be sure the jack stand is solidly positioned under the lower control arm to carry the load of the torsion bar!!!!! If you can't position it correctly, for whatever reason, unload the torsion bar at the adjuster. The torsion bar acts exactly as a coil spring does and you can loose a finger or two if you are not careful to keep the lower control arm supported at all times. Good luck, Herman


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