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Dumb questions re: 1961 Polara

From: Bill K.
Email: tongue_tied59<at>
Remote Name:
Date: October 21, 2003


In trying to sell a rough '61 Polara ragtop, I have about 100 guys after the rear chrome pieces on the fenders, heck one guy wants those and the back seat and would junk the whole rest of it - but he also wants to pay pennies on the dollar for the car. I see from looking at the other models, they are different, but did they not make many of these at all? I can't believe if I can wander around finding Seneca/Phoenix sedans just sitting that there's not Polara 4-dr sedans sitting somewhere waiting for that rear stainless to get pulled and sold. Does someone have production figures for 1961 Dodge they can share? I would think they must have built at least 30-40,000 total Polaras that year. Meanwhile apparently the rear loop on the lower models (Seneca/Phoenix) has no value? If I ever manage to find a set, I will put it on eBay as soon as I get them home, thats for sure. This guy started at $800 then decided it was missing both of the loops and lowered his offer by $500 just on that alone. Of course, it has one side on it, other side set is supposed to be in the trunk. Thanks Bill K.


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