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Re: cold engine problems & sparkplugs

From: Dan
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Date: October 21, 2003


Pierpaolo Black smoke is rich fuel. Oil would be blue smoke. It sounds like your choke is not coming off fast enough. I'm not familiar with the 55, however, just about all automatic chokes work the same so here is a way to check it out. Pull the air cleaner off and with the engine off and cold take a look at the position of the choke. It should be all the way shut. Now, start the car and watch the choke plate. Just as the engine starts the choke should open about 1/8-1/4 inch. If it doesn't your choke pull off is bad. This is a vacuum diaphragm the opens the choke so the engine doesnít run like youíre describing during warm up. If it doesnít open a bit at first start up try opening it just a bit with a screw driver. You should hear a smoother idle and no more black smoke. Replace your choke pull off or find the reason why itís not working. Perhaps a vacuum leak some where else. If it does open up, keep watching till the engine is completely warmed up, your choke plate should be sitting vertical when the engine is warm. Just to rule out the oil burning. How much oil do you use? Do you have to add oil between changes? Regards, Dan


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