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Re: Very hard brake pedal on '55 NYer problem

From: Dan
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Date: October 21, 2003


Adam I took a look in my manual for hard to push brakes. This is a nutshell of what they told me. First check to see if there is vacuum after the engine is off. You should have enough vacuum for two or three times pressing the pedel down. If you do, your check valve is not leaking. The next item to check would be the rubber seals in the master cylinder and slave clyinders. If motor oil got incontact with thease they will swell up and stick in the cylinders and be hard to move. I know the previous owner said the these were replaced. The next question is....were they done correctly. This would be the next item I'd check or have checked. You should be able to lock up all four wheels!! Another thing to check would be a if there is an damaged brake lines. I wouldn't think this would be so. But is someone jacked in the wrong place and crimped a brake line that would make it hard to stop. Just some things to check on. Regards Dan


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