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Re: There is a few Chrysler Royals V8's

From: Jeffc
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Date: October 21, 2003


There is a issue with the the crank on late 60's LA to 727s, the crank hole/ converter, 67 is the change, 67 and later tranys will not fit earlier engines because the hole in the crank, for the converter, is too small on the earlier engines. Put a later engine in with a earlier trany is not a problem as all you need it the right spacer to take up the space........ There is also a converter/front pump change, so you can't just swap converters in the 67 to pre 67 trany, though pumps can be changed to use the later converter. It is my understanding that there is a spacer kit for the early hemis, that should work on polys (pre 62) also, for the later 727s that makes the longer 8 bolt crank work with the later post 62 tranys. The block to trany bolt holes did not change from the early hemis/polys to the the LA engines.


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