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Brake Bleeding

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
Remote Name:
Date: October 21, 2003


When a new master cylinder is installed into a vehicle, one needs to make sure the fluid is fully pushed through the system. Typically, if you do a full brake job on just wheel cylinders, you then bleed from farthest cylinder from the master cylinder forward. And do this twice. When you do a master cylinder, however, two passes sometimes is not sufficient to push all the air through, so a third pass is necessary. Also if you are installing new lines, more effort could be required. I will typically hook a Mity-Vac to the end of the line and pull a vacuum on the line, with the other end attached to a bottle of brake fluid. Do this for all lines to at least get the majority of the air out. Especially helpful if also installing a prop valve, as these can sometimes be false tripped by the air in the lines unles they are prefilled.


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