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Re: Very hard brake pedal on '55 NYer problem

From: Adam
Remote Name:
Date: October 21, 2003


I decided the master cylinder/booster is most likely good. If I put them together and push down on the assembly on the workbench, it goes all the way through its travel without a problem. I'm guessing the wheel cylinders are good too, in fact I rebuilt the right front side cylinders myself due to a slight leak after a hard brake line blew out (it had rusted in a spot and when I was trying to brake extremely hard, it popped). It might have just been my imagination but I'm pretty sure replacing that brake line made it very slightly easier to brake. So I guess the culprit has to be a crimped brake line somewhere. But I don't know where at all. I haven't looked underneath, but there can only be so many areas where it could be crimped that the car would still brake straight, right?


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