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I'm back/badnews/what to do?

From: ForwardLook Frank
Remote Name:
Date: October 22, 2003


Hello Everyone, I'm back and it feels great to be back! I want to thank those of you that wrote to me. It helped me get through that awful place. If I didn't get a chance to write back to you, don't think I didn't appreciate your letters because I did and I'll never forget it. While I was gone, some bad things happened with my '59. The bodyman that was working on it never finished it and his buildings were bought out. He called my father and told him he had 3 days to remove it. Luckily my friends came through for me, combined efforts, and got my car and all the parts out of there. Here's the bad part, the car has quite a few paint chips now from being towed, the body man apparently pried off my gas cap (modern locking type) so now my filler neck is damaged beyond repair, and with the job not being finished, he owes me some money in my opinion. First off, does anyone have a filler neck for a '59 that they'd sell to me? Let me know. Also, should I pursue getting some money back from the bodyman for incomplete work or is it more trouble than what it's worth. Should I just walk away? I have a good friend that works at Maaco that is going to store all of my parts in his garage and work on the body in his shop after hours while I'm in tech school from March to August. He can be trusted. It's shame I met him after I had it in the body shop. When I return from tech school, it'll be ready for re-assembly and I'll be good to go. Well, have to run. It's great to be back. Take Care, Frank p.s. Hey there Can Man! Whoooo-Hawww!


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