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My disapearing garage

From: Loveme88
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Date: October 22, 2003


What I've leaned from near 2 years with my 1956 Coronet: A. NEVER think you can restore a Coronet on the cheap. Youll end up buying two parts cars, and enough other parts to rebuild another three Coronets. B. NEVER start welding/grinding when the sun goes down. Youll loose track of time and your neihbores will angrily knock on your door at 2AM..... C. When your girlfriend nicknames you "Sanford" because of the seemingly endless sea of what she determines as overly time consuming junk in your garage, just smile. NEVER say "Yeah. Im gonna cancel Hawaii, and spend the money finishing the car".. Women can be awfully violent. D. If you are going to start buying parts cars. Dont save everything sans the permanent body. Otherwise youll start looking for a stationwagon that youll prolly never find just to feel justified in BUYING the two parts cars and striping them down the the permanent body..... -Bob


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