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Re: My disapearing garage-MY DOMAIN !

From: chuck lowe
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Date: October 22, 2003


i know what you mean---i have had my dart for about a year and a half---at times space was little lacking---i have a two bay garage-dart and parts in one side-four motorcycles and a trailer i built to pull behind my harley-engine hoist-engine stand-engine dolly-spare engine on dolly and when i blast parts-i have a knock down containment 8x8x7 ft. i built in the other side---not to mention the parts under the bed-behind the door-in the living room and dining room-the basement next door in the apt.building---------plus the paint fumes and the solvents---through all this my sweetheart has been a champ---never once has she said GET THIS----OUT OF HERE!---later---chuck lowe


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