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From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: October 22, 2003


Hmm.. lets see. I have 8 cars. my dart is sheltered in the garage with the front clip torn off. I have parts hanging from the rafters and crammed into the backseat. I have to push this thing out the door to be able to work on it since it barely squeezes in. we've got our 77 pro-beater truck sitting in the yard, and the phoenix, rambler and duallie in the driveway (have to angle the duallie so it doesn't hang over into the alley). Dont even get me started with the basement, spare room, and other places with parts stashed. Then there's the 3 car garage at moms... packed full w/ 2 desoto's and a belvedere. There's room for shop work at the front, and i have a 12 ft. shelf packed top to bottom. I'd love to have a 3600 sq. ft garage/shop with 15 ft. ceilings, paint booth, lifts, office and all of my mopars of course ;) ~Jessica Hendricks


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