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Little Master 'Mosquito Wing' Franklin Worsham

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: October 22, 2003


Frankie, you 'Richard Cranium' you! Where ya goin' to technical school at? I take it you got my letter to you down there. I was in the CC baracks for 2 weeks. Loooonnnnnngggg funny story. It was NOT my fault either! I was a victum of hornyness. I finally got my 'vert! Another looooonnnnggggg story. Notice my new address. You want a filler tube? Hells bells, I'll give you one if you need it. I got an extry one here some place. If you are going to graft a late model filler cap/neck on. Just make sure the newer cap vents like the OM one,,,,,. You might wind up with a collapsed/balloned tank. Did you sneak any of that moonshine down there to the rest of the skinheads in your flight? Make the guy pay! You and Chuckey Wuckey, Chuck Lowe, are the multipal door twins. Chuck, Forward Look Frank, is building a '59 Fury with EVERY CONCEIVABLE factory/dealer option that was available! Frankey, Chuckeys got something you don't have! A rare assed pair of fined cast 'loomnum' 318 poly valve covers! You and Hot Pants Hanna have got some catching up to do.


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