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Re: rear AC vents

From: alumcan
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Date: October 23, 2003


I got the whole 'shabang' From Air-Teaque, Kimberly (?) Texas, in '92. They have a front/ rear kit. Two smaller evaproators a ompressor designed for dual AC., the biggest condensor that would fit in the space available for '41,2,6,7,8 MoPars. When I was talking to both outfits, I caught Vintage Air in a lie, so I went with smaller (mom pop) Air-Teaque. Talk to either one, tell 'em what you are doing/working on, and they will set you up with a complete bolt in unit. There is a video out, $20 (?) tells everything you wanted to know about instsalling OM/aftermarket/custom, AC. (But were afraid to ask, LOL) After you understand the basics of automotive refrigation, putting a custom AC/heat/defrost combo in anything (golf cart to a bus motor home) is really simple.


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